About Us

North Shore Fishing Adventures is a “Guaranteed Catch” excursion! The most productive deep sea fishing and trolling location in Oahu is the North Shore. The Northwestern Pacific creates trade winds and strong currents in an uninterrupted path to the North Shore. Consequently, these currents sweep into the deep water areas of the ocean resulting in the “perfect place” to go fishing! The strong currents and deep water carry in fresh new bait along with big game fish. You can go fishing any time of the year with a Hawaii Fishing Tour and possibly catch a record-setting “BIG ONE.” You may hook giant Yellow Fin Tuna, Smoker Wahoo, Marlin, Grey Snapper, Skip Jack, Mackerel, and Mahi Mahi. North Shore Fishing Charter offers the best deep sea Oahu fishing excursion located in the delightful town by the beach, Haleiwa. When most people think of big game fishing, they think of the Kona Coast located on the Big Island. However, to their surprise, Oahu is known for the best pelagic fishing locations and many do not know a world record was broken when a1,805 pound Marlin was hooked with a rod and reel, caught off the shore of Oahu. Most anglers from every corner of the earth consider the Blue Marlin as the superstar of big game fishing. The Hawaiian Islands hold the record of more Blue Marlin ever landed on rod and reel than any other place on this earth. Hawaii Fishing Tours in Haleiwa Harbor has produced, year after year, the highest number of fish hooked in all of the islands.

Our professional and trained crew will guide you to a memorable fishing journey. North Shore Fishing Adventures will sail the Pacific outside of Haleiwa Harbor from Turtle Bay and then to Ka’ena Point. This fishing area has the most stunning island scenery, few fishing charter vessels, and plenty of fishing action! Get in on the North Shore Fishing action with Hawaii Travel Network and save money. North Shore Fishing Adventures will “guarantee for you to hook a fish” or your money will be returned!